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Your Cause

Just a few of the groups or causes that could benefit from a t-shirt fundraiser. The possibilities  are endless! 

How our process works


Raise money for your church today!

Mission Trips

Raise money for your mission trip today!


Raise money for your adoption today!

Scout Groups

Raise money for your scout group today!

Medical Needs

Raise money for someones medical needs today!


Raise money for your school today!

Animal Needs

Raise money for animal needs today!


Raise money for your nonprofit today!

Awareness Campaigns 

Raise money for your awareness campaign today!
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Create Your Design

Work directly with one of our designers or use your own design. Next Step

Design Samples


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Pick Your Apparel

With your not limited to just T-Shirts. Expand your offering with sweatshirts, masks, jackets, bags, and more!

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Launch And Promote Your Online Store

Once you approve your art, we take care of everything!   All you have to do is share and promote your campaign.          Next Step

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Meet your goals!

Once your fundraiser is complete, we print and ship the shirts, and your proceeds are sent directly
to you within days!

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Get started today!

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At our mission is to make
t-shirt sales fundraising easy and profitable for your cause!

If you have looked into t-shirt fundraising companies before then you know that traditionally this kind of fundraiser only makes you $3 to $4 per shirt sold. Our goal is to maximize your profits with each shirt sold. We are a highly streamlined operation with extremely low operational costs, allowing us to put more money in your pocket. Our system takes care of everything for you! We track all the orders, take care of payment processing, and facilitate distribution at the completion of your campaign. And best of all it’s 100% free to start your campaign today!